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There are two concepts I'd like to demonstrate to you:

1. Anxiety is a symptom that can be eliminated when you address the underlying cause, the Subconscious Mind.

2. The Best, Fastest, and most Powerful way of working with the Subconscious Mind is this incredible new system: Substrata Mental Mastery.

A better way.

Hello, my name is Jeremiah Wolfe.

Many years ago I found myself stuck, a victim of my own anxieties, self doubts and limiting beliefs.

As I struggled (and failed) to change my life I eventually discovered that the source of my pain existed within myself, within my own subconscious mind.

With that understanding I was able to develop a series of exercises and techniques that enabled me to transform my subconscious mind and thereby transform my life.

Here's how I made this discovery:

I was in a bad place...

I was born into a very religious, very conservative, lower working class family in the 1970s. My father believed, very firmly, in the old adage, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” He did NOT spare the rod. And after a childhood of constant emotional and physical abuse, I started adulthood with… some issues.

After graduating high school, with honors, I enrolled into and quickly flunked out of University. By the age of 20, I was married and struggling as my wife and I scraped by with our low paying retail jobs. We were spiraling into debt and our relationship was crumbling.

My life was a jumble of constant worry, sleepless nights, frequent panic attacks and endless arguments. Adulthood had just begun, and it was already falling apart with no hope in sight. 

It didn’t make sense! I was smart. I was hard working. I was active in church. Life wasn’t supposed to be like this. I felt trapped. I felt like my life was completely out of my control.

A realization...

Like a lot of people do in difficult times, I fell into the trap of escapism.  I tried to escape into religion, TV, video games and books. Particularly books about a lifelong fascination of mine…the more esoteric aspects of the human mind.

As I read about myth, meditation, mysticism and “the mysteries” a realization began to dawn on me. When I looked deeper at what was shared between all these traditions (Eastern and Western, ancient and modern) what I found was a common thread. The subconscious mind.

That realization led me to hypnotism, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transpersonal Psychology.

That eureka moment...

Using those tools I began working with my subconscious mind. I came to discover that buried within myself was a “script.” A set way of thinking and behaving that governed my actions and how I interacted with the world. This script was outside of my conscious control. Indeed it often (very often) seemed to work counter to my conscious desires.

I learned that my script had been established years before as my developing mind looked around me and began to draw inferences about who I am, about how the world works and about how I fit into that world. And even though I was just a child with a limited view and limited experience, the subconscious began to cement those inferences. It began to “write” my script.

The problem was, I had grown up in a poor home with abusive parents. My subconscious inferred:  That life was supposed to be hard. That I didn’t deserve to be happy.  That I didn’t deserve success, or to experience love. My subconscious decided (based on the only information available to it) that I was supposed to work hard, to struggle, to never have money, to constantly be fighting with my wife. That’s what life was “supposed” to be like.

And so…that’s exactly what my life was like.

Success at last!

Now that I understood this script and how it affected me I was able to “go within” using the tools and techniques I had taught myself. There, I was able to change my script and to work with my subconscious mind, rewriting the parts that weren’t serving me. Some parts were easy, other parts took time. I was learning, teaching myself as I went along. Sure enough though, things began to change.

In time, my career, my finances and even my relationships completely changed. Of course, my life hadn’t become some fairytale rags to riches story, but in nearly every measurable way, it was light-years ahead. Fear and doubt became courage and success. Anxiety and depression became love and adventure. And even my romantic life (though it took a little longer) transformed into something amazing.

I didn’t do it with magic, though to some it looks like magic. I didn’t do it with some cheap gimmick. It wasn’t a miracle cure or the latest fad supplement. No. I changed everything by going to the source, my own subconscious mind, and transforming how I thought about myself and how I thought about the world. It sounds simple, and it is. But, it’s also so incredibly powerful. Once you change who you believe yourself to be…not on the surface, not in the conscious, but in the subconscious, then your life begins to change. It begins to match that inner belief. 

Then, once I had managed to transform my life, I started helping others do the same with their own lives.

It will work for you too!

I don’t know exactly how anxiety affects your life, but I do know that if you are struggling with anxiety it is the result of your subconscious mind.

Because of that, I know that this system will work for you!

The old ways don’t work, counseling, therapy, medication, they just don’t work, but my system has worked for so many people and it will work for you too. 

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve struggled with anxiety.

It doesn’t matter how strong your anxiety is.

It doesn’t matter if you know where it comes from, or if the origins are a complete mystery.

I have spent 20 years creating a system that works for everyone. In fact, I’m so confident that it will work for you that I guarantee it.

The old ways don’t work, counseling, therapy, medication, they just don’t work, but my system has worked for so many people and it will work for you too. 

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve struggled with anxiety.

It doesn’t matter how strong your anxiety is.

It doesn’t matter if you know where it comes from, or if the origins are a complete mystery.

I have spent 20 years creating a system that works for everyone. In fact, I’m so confident it will work for you that I guarantee it.

After 25 years, Cassey was able to overcome her extreme anxiety in just a few weeks.

I’d like to tell you about one of my clients, we’ll call her Cassey.

Cassey lived in a constant state of anxiety related to cleanliness. She would shower at least four times a day and she would wash her hands incessantly.

She was intelligent, witty and beautiful, but her crippling anxiety made her life miserable and she had been struggling with it since she was a teenager, nearly twenty-five years.

In all that time she had worked with doctors and therapists of every stripe.

They had all sorts of suggestions to help her cope with anxiety, but no one ever offered even a glimpse of hope that she might overcome it.

Cassey sought me out as a sort of “last resort”. She didn’t have a whole lot of hope, but she was willing to try.

We began working together and I taught her the same exercises and techniques that I’m going to teach you in this course.

She found the process easy and enjoyable. And started noticing improvements after just a few weeks.

Doing her daily exercises she continued to make progress and that progress became apparent when she came in for her eighth session…

Cassey: “Ugh, sorry I’m late, I needed to run home and change my clothes. I slipped in the parking lot on my way into work this morning, and I wanted to get out of my dirty clothes.”

Her words really struck me because they implied something absolutely remarkable. Even more remarkable was the way she was telling me. Mentioning the incident as a minor inconvenience. Immediately I got excited at what this might mean for Cassey.

Jeremiah: “Oh no! You fell in the parking lot. Are you okay? What happened?”

Cassey: “It’s not a big deal. I was walking in from the staff parking lot when I slipped on some ice and fell into a nasty slush puddle full of filthy winter runoff”.

Jeremiah: “Oh wow. So, what did you do?”

Cassey: “There was nothing I could do. I brushed myself off as best as I could and went to work.”

Jeremiah: “And how did you feel?”

Cassey: “Wet, cold, gross. Whatever, eventually it dried.”

Jeremiah: “Cassey, I’d like you to think about what happened today. I’d like you to think about how you responded. Then…I’d like you to think about how you would have responded a few weeks ago.”

Cassey thought about it for a few seconds. A look of astonishment came over her face and she said, “Oh my God! Jeremiah…!”

Cassey wasn’t the most emotional person. Otherwise, I would have expected her to sob with tears of joy. Even so, she was noticeably moved.

Cassey: “I’ve felt like what we were doing was helping, but I just wasn’t aware how much. A month ago I would have been a wreck. There is no way I could have handled falling in the puddle.”

The truth was that this had been a gradual process. Cassey had, over the past several weeks, been taking fewer showers each day and had been washing her hands less frequently. She had even visited her parents for Christmas. (Something she hadn’t done for several years because of their two big dogs which liked to jump and slobber and shed everywhere.)

Cassey came to me after more than two decades of struggling with her anxiety. It affected nearly every aspect of her life. Even so, she was able to overcome in less than two months. If she could do it… So can you.

The Three Secrets of SUBSTRATA

Secret #1

How to zero in on the source of your anxiety and eliminate it fast. It works no matter how long you've struggled with anxiety.

Secret #2

How to easily refocus the mind away from anxiety. Then use that freed up "mental energy" for feeling great and achieving goals.

Secret #3

How to ensure that your old anxiety never returns. It's so simple and so powerful you will be amazed.

SECRET #1: How to zero in on the source of your anxiety and eliminate it fast.

Once I discovered the secret to subconscious targeting everything changed!

After I managed to overcome my own anxiety and transform my life, I began working with others and sharing what I had learned. 

What I quickly discovered though, was that everyone reacted differently. Some people achieved change rapidly. Others took months. Some responded powerfully to one technique while that same technique made no impact on others.

At first I assumed that I just needed more training and practice, so I did just that. I read more books. I took more courses. I completed more certifications. But what I came to learn was that everyone was teaching the same tired information, the same handful of techniques. 

In fact, in the world of subconscious therapies (hypnosis, NLP, imagery, etc.) there hasn’t been any real progress in decades. It’s the same old material just repackaged and resold to a new crop of students. I realized that if I was going to better help my clients I was going to need to figure this out on my own.

I won’t pretend that it was quick. It took years and hundreds of clients, but by working with people and experimenting with different processes I finally forged the Substrata Mental Framework.

Substrata stands for Subconscious Strategic Targeting. I call it that because the system allows you to target the specific layers of the mind in which your anxiety resides.

Anxiety is a symptom that arises from a subconscious mind which is out of alignment. Substrata empowers you to target all layers of the mind and eliminate anxiety, permanently.

External Perceptions
Internal Perceptions
Conscious Thoughts
Conscious Desires
Subconscious Thoughts
Subconscious Beliefs
Subconscious Desires

Ryan Finally His Anxiety!

When Ryan reached out to me he had been trying to cope with severe anxiety for several years. For some of my clients, their anxiety seems to have always been there, but for Ryan he knew the exact moment it manifested. Since then his anxiety had impacted many areas of his life.

Unlike most of my clients, Ryan had actually worked with a hypnotherapist a couple years earlier. He already recognized that the source of his anxiety was in his subconscious, but he became disappointed when the hypnotherapist couldn’t help. He was frustrated and desperate for relief.

I explained to Ryan that he was correct to suspect his subconscious mind and that it wasn’t his fault that hypnotherapy didn’t work. The tools and techniques used by hypnotherapists are mostly limited in how they work and for whom they work. Therefore lasting success is uncommon.

I taught Ryan the Substrata Mental Framework and he began using the techniques to address his whole mind. This holistic approach was exactly what Ryan needed to finally overcome his anxiety and get his life back on track.

SECRET #2: How to use that freed up "mental energy" for feeling great and achieving goals.

I wasted so much energy on anxiety. Could I redirect that energy to something positive?

When I was working to understand the subconscious mind and to overcome my own struggles with anxiety, fear and doubt I learned a lot, both about the mind and about myself. It was a process that took time and effort. (Thankfully I’ve managed to streamline the process in incredible ways, so your journey will only take a tiny fraction of the time that mine did.)

When I finally achieved my initial goals it felt AMAZING. It was like I had a new lease on life. But…not much else happened. I mean I was sleeping better. I was feeling better. I was getting along with people better. Most areas of my life were better…but it was still the same life. A big part of what got me started on my journey of discovery was feeling stuck in my life. I was thrilled to be feeling so much better, but I also wanted my life to change.

One evening while sitting quietly and contemplating I had an epiphany…

For years my mind had spent massive amounts of energy making sure that I felt terrible. Do you know how much effort it takes to be anxious all the time? It’s a lot!

So, if I wasn’t feeling all those constant, overwhelming, negative emotions anymore, where did all that energy go. I mean my mind clearly demonstrated that it had the capability to expend massive amounts of energy on the negative.

What if I could now use that same energy on the positive?

As usual it took some time and a fair bit of experimentation, but I was able to do just that. I was able to redirect those parts of myself which had previously worked so hard to maintain my anxiety and got them working hard to at other tasks. Positive tasks. Keeping me motivated and focused, working hard to create the change in my life that I desired.

And that’s how I went from earning slightly more than minimum wage to a very comfortable six-figure salary in just a few years, without a college degree. It’s how I was able to find a healthy, lasting relationship. It was also how I was able to eventually walk away from corporate life and start a business doing what I love.

After terrible trauma, Susan her life!

When susan came to me her life was a wreck. Ten years earlier she had experienced serious trauma that had destroyed her family, ended her career, and left her living a life of perpetual anxiety. It was bad, and she just wanted to feel better. She wanted to feel like she was in control. 

Because of Susan’s situation I had agreed to work with her free of charge. As such she was happy to come into my office and talk with me, to vent and to leave feeling better. But, she wasn’t interested in doing any of the work I assigned. She simply ignored the exercises I taught her, telling me she was just too busy. After a while I realized that Susan wasn’t invested in the process. I told her that if she wanted to remain a client she would have to start paying. To my suprise, she agreed.

Soon I realized that “paying Susan” had a completely different attitude. She was finally willing to do the work and, as a result was finally starting to overcome her anxieties.

Without the constant anxiety weighing her down she had become more productive, more focused and less prone to mistakes. Her manager noticed and decided to reward Susan with more responsibility and…more money.

Bolstered by this victory, Susan wanted to begin the next phase of the work. She wanted to refocus that energy which had, for so long, been dedicated to anxiety, into something dedicated to success.

The results were remarkable. In less than a year she had managed to repeatedly distinguish herself within her career and had TRIPLED her income. And more importantly to her, she had met a man and found herself in a loving relationship for the first time in many, many years.

By first overcoming her anxiety, and then redirecting her subconscious mind, Susan was able to experience remarkable growth in her life. Your own goals may be similar, or they may be completely different, but consider this: If all the energy you currently expend on anxiety was redirected toward your goals, what could you achieve?

SECRET #3: How to ensure that your old anxiety never returns.

I found that anxiety would return during stressful times. But with experimentation I was able to keep it gone, for good.

Eventually, as I continued working with clients and helping them overcome anxiety, I came to realize that some people would relapse. 

A portion of my clients would come back a year or two later and tell me that symptoms had begun to resurface.

Naturally I found this very disappointing. I really wanted to help people, and the idea that they were having relapses into anxiety upset me.

I wanted to find a way to ensure that the relief they found lasted for the rest of their life.

Truth be told, this was a more difficult task than I expected. The biggest problem was finding people to practice on. Since only a portion of my clients would experience this relapse, and even then it was very unpredictable, it took me years until I could finally be sure of a system that worked.

But eventually, I figured it out and the amazing part is that this “Permanence Procedure,” as I call it, is so simple it only takes a few minutes to teach.

Kevin eliminated his anxiety...

Kevin’s overwhelming anxiety was making his work life unbearable. Even his supportive wife was getting fed up with the anxiety…and with Kevin. Like so many of my clients he had been in therapy for years, which hadn’t helped.

I worked with Kevin for three weeks and at the end of that short time he reported a complete cessation of anxiety symptoms.

Two years later Kevin reached back out. A death in the family had thrown him completely out of whack and his anxiety had returned. 

Luckily it was during those intervening years that I had finally perfected my “Permanence Procedure.” I was able to offer Kevin hope that we could get rid of this anxiety once and for all.

Over two sessions he learned the simple tool that would ensure his anxiety would never return.

It worked! Years later Kevin is still anxiety free. When he first came in he wasn’t even sure if he could find any relief at all from anxiety, but today Kevin has completely eliminated it.

Created Over Twenty+ Years Helping Individuals To Overcome Anxiety...

Developed Through Success & Failures, Through Experience & Experimentation...

I Built A Powerful New System Of Personal Growth Called Substrata Mental Mastery.

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