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Online Hypnotherapy

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One-On-One Hypnotherapy
Anywhere In The World

Thanks to the amazing convenience of online video conferencing you can experience your own one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions with me,  Jeremiah Wolfe, C.Ht.

All you need is a “smart” device (like your phone, tablet or laptop) and a reliable Internet connection.

Internet video allows us to work one-on-one right from the comfort of your own home (or office or even your car). It has all the amazing benefits of hypnotherapy without having to leave home. No driving, no parking, and (if you’re concerned about privacy) nobody else knows you’re working with a hypnotherapist.

Online Hypnotherapy Can Be Even Effective Than In-Person...

For some people it can be a challenge to let go, relax, and fully participate in the hypnotherapy process. Of course, as a skilled and experienced hypnotist I have tools to help mitigate your initial unease, but with online hypnotherapy there’s simply no need!

You’re already in a safe, familiar environment. This alone helps you to relax feel at ease and to fully enjoy the process.

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Enjoy A Customized Approach

You are an individual and your hypnotherapy needs to reflect this obvious fact.

During your first session with me, we will discuss your personal goals and challenges. I will guide you through some simple and fun hypnotic testing.

And from that we will begin to build a customized plan.

Experience Success


My clients report an 85% overall success rate.

  • 40% Completely eliminate their anxiety.
  • 45% Drastically reduce symptoms and report anxiety no longer interfers in their life.

Feel Better Fast


Many begin to notice positive changes after our very first session.

On average, my clients report significant improvements after just three sessions!

Achieve Your Goals


On average, my one-on-one clients report that they have achieved their initial goals within the first six sessions. That’s just six to eight weeks.

Afterwards, many decide to stay on and begin addressing other goals in their lives.

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Does Internet Video Conferencing Sound Technical And Complicated?

That’s certainly understandable. It does kinda sound complicated. BUT, rest easy! It couldn’t be simpler. In fact if you have the technical knowhow to be reading this webpage, then you have all the skills required for online hypnotherapy via internet video conferencing.

Rest Easy! It Couldn't Be Simpler.

Once you book your first session, you will receive an email. That email will contain two links.

Click the first link to install the app on your device. Simple.

Click the second link to return to this website and complete your paperwork. 

That’s it. Done.

If you can open your email and click a link then you have all the skills required. And, of course, if you need a little help, I’m here to help.

Phone. Tablet. Computer. It works on any device.

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Twenty Years Experience

Anxiety, career, relationships and more. Regardless of what brings someone to work with me each person’s journey is unique.

For most, hypnotherapy is a last resort.  Most have been struggling for years. Most have worked with all sorts of therapists. And many have been prescribed drugs.

Unfortunately, despite all their past efforts  most felt like they haven’t made any real progress.

Perhaps you are similar, perhaps not, but regardless of your past, by us working together, you can begin to create the future you desire…



It is amazing to work with so many people one-on-one.

Each client is an individual, with their own set of goals and experiences, and each client gets an individualized program suited just for their unique needs.



Using online courses, videos and audio programs, I have been able to teach thousands to overcome their anxiety.

Many of these self-directed learners go on to become one-on-one clients after deciding they want a more personalized approach.


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My clients live all over the world. 

To date, I’ve worked with individuals in nearly 40 countries. No matter where you live, we can work together to help you find  the freedom you’ve been looking for.

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Three Sessions

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  • One-On-One
  • Coaching & Hypnotherapy
  • Minimal Commitment

Six Sessions

"I'm committed to change."
$ 106
  • Commit to the process and save money!
  • Save over $112
  • Refund for unused sessions.
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Ten Sessions

"I want to transform my life!"
$ 87
  • Invest in yourself to create the life you desire.
  • Save $375
  • Refund for unused sessions.
30% Off
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