Hypnotherapy for Elevator Anxiety - Part One

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Elevator Anxiety Part Two

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Elevator Anxiety is Real & You Can Find Relief

The fear of being stuck in elevators can really take a toll. Not only is it difficult to be in an elevator, but you also have to deal with the anxiety and embarrassment that this elevator claustrophobia causes. There’s real hope for you. You can overcome your fear of being stuck in elevators.

Someone close to me was talking about her new job. She’s always forced to take the elevators. At first, she tried her usual strategy, stick to the stairs. The stairs didn’t work though.

Running from meeting to meeting, she was in constant fear of being late. Even being on time wasn’t that much better, because she was a sweaty mess. Not the professional look she was going for.

Her elevator claustrophobia, more specifically her fear of being stuck in elevators, had plagued her for many years. Usually, she manages by planning ahead.

Booking hotel rooms on the first two or three floors. Arriving early for meetings. These simple strategies that have mostly worked for years.

Recently though her job changed and her elevator claustrophobia has taken center stage in her life. Now she finds herself dashing from meeting to meeting with high powered individuals (stressful in its own right). The tight schedule and different locations are forcing her to confront her fears head-on. There’s just no time for stairs. And, while her fear of being stuck in an elevator is great, the idea of showing up to a meeting out of breath and sweating causes at least as much stress as her elevator anxiety. She came to me needing serious help for elevator claustrophobia.

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Overcome Your Elevator Anxiety

Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation, or maybe your elevator fear isn’t quite so prominent in your life. Either way, listening to my hypnosis recordings can provide real help for fear of being stuck in elevators.

This four-part hypnosis series guides you into a calm and peaceful hypnotic state. Then, using the power of hypnosis, we weaken your elevator claustrophobia and replace it with calm and comfort.

Thanks to the power of hypnosis you’ll be riding elevators free of anxiety and fear after just a few days. Hypnosis works great, and the best part is, it’s completely natural.

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