White Coat Syndrome Can Seriously Impact a Person's Life.

Hypnotherapy for White Coat Syndrome - Part One

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White Coat Part Two

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White coat syndrome (or white coat hypertension) is a relatively common phenomenon wherein a patient’s blood pressure can skyrocket at the doctor’s office, even if it is otherwise just fine at home.

In the summer of 2017, at a neighborhood social gathering, I was talking to a neighbor about his experience with white coat syndrome. For him, this relatively common form of anxiety was putting his very livelihood at risk in a way I had never considered.

His profession requires regular heath checks. One of the metrics tracked by his employer is his blood pressure. If it gets too high… then he simply can’t work. I had no idea that such a situation existed, but I’ve since discovered that it’s much more common than I ever would have imagined.

For my neighbor, this creates a doubly difficult situation. Going to the doctor causes his blood pressure to spike, but if the doctor says it’s too high then he may lose his job. They feed into each other causing an anxiety feedback loop which sends his BP soaring.

That sounds terrible!

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Overcome White Coat Syndrome!

But, here’s the good news… After that backyard conversation, I put together a series of hypnosis recordings to help with white coat syndrome.

I’m happy to report that since then, through my recordings and through one-on-one Internet hypnotherapy sessions, I’ve been able to help hundreds of people to get a handle on their white coat syndrome. 

Hypnosis can help you too! Not only can hypnosis help, but it’s quick, easy and completely natural. In fact, when hypnosis helps you overcome white coat syndrome you probably won’t even recognize that it’s worked until you get home from your doctor’s and realize that your blood pressure was fine.

That’s really the joy of hypnosis. It doesn’t ask you to think different or behave different or try to be different. It just allows the changes to flow naturally from within.

If you’re ready to overcome white coat syndrome in your life then these recordings are a great place to start.


An Effective, Natural, Treatment for White Coat


An Effective, Natural, Treatment for White Coat